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Freeky Trio Debuts

By Mike Breen · January 19th, 2010 · Spill It
Chris Sherman (aka Freekbass, pictured) and his Funk band (aka Freekbass) maintain one of the most consistent touring schedules of any band based in Cincinnati. Soon, Freekbass (the man, not the band) will be getting a lot busier, especially if his new “all star” group takes off.

Sherman has teamed up with a trio of fairly high profile musicians for a new project. DJ Logic is known for his groove-intensive, Jazz-informed turntable magic and versatility, evident in his collaborations with Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Scofield, John Mayer and, most recently (and most oddly), Carly Simon, as well as his successful solo ventures. Steve Molitz is the keyboardist behind Particle, a band that helped shape the increasingly popular fusion of Jazz, Funk and Electronica.

Sprinkle in Freekbass’ untouchable prowess on Funk bass (and overall understanding of Funk in general) and the Logic, Molitz, Freekbass group (as it’s currently being billed) is shaping up to be one hell of a groove machine with some interesting layers and textures. The trio is still in search of an actual band name and is asking for suggestions via Freekbass’ Twitter page and Logic’s Twitter page.

The trio’s first performance together was an impromptu set during a DJ Logic performance in Pennsylvania last summer. Still, the project won’t debut “officially” on the East or West coasts (where Logic and Molitz reside, respectively), but right here in Freek’s home town.

“I am personally juiced up because we are doing the debut here in Cincinnati,” Sherman recently wrote via e-mail. “Logic is from New York and Steve Molitz from Cali, so it is cool we are doing it here in our groovy city.”

The band’s first show is Saturday at Play By Play with guests Crazy Legs and Perfect Norm. Get details and tickets here.

More Local Notes

• Had he not died of a brain hemorrhage in 1953, widely influential Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt would have turned 100 years old on Jan. 23. Gone but certainly not forgotten, Reinhardt — one of the inventors of “Gypsy Jazz” — is the subject of many tributes/memorials around the world this month, including here in Cincinnati. Cincy’s most Django-y group, gypsy-jazzers The Faux Frenchmen, will be busy this week, playing Saturday on WNKU’s Music With Brian O’D radio show at 11 a.m. and Sunday at Xavier University's Gallagher Student Center Theater at 3 p.m. as part of the “Master of Swing” concert series. The band then heads out for a few regional tour dates. Check fauxfrenchmen.com for full details.

• PBS’s Austin City Limits runs its episode featuring Cincy-bred/Austin-based rockers The Heartless Bastards this Saturday (go here for for ACL session photos and broadcast air times). The hour-long episode is being split between the Bastards and Neo Roots kings The Avett Brothers. Old-school local music fans might recognize a familiar face onstage with the band: violinist Zy Lyn (aka Zy O. Lyn), who played with Middlemarch and his own (still active) Mad Orange Fools. Now living in Portland, Ore., he sits in with the band on the show. (Zy is also featured on the Bastards’ latest album, The Mountain.)

Jim Feist, the tabla master known for his work with local World music juggernaut Mohenjo Daro, has been keeping a busy road schedule, performing with Fareed Haque, Aradhna and others (not to mention his studies in India and teaching/lecturing all over). But Saturday, Feist plays a rare hometown show, doing his solo tabla thing at Shine Yoga in Hyde Park. Check classicaltabla.com for more on Feist’s latest activities and shineyoga.com for more on the event.

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