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Scotty Karate

Jan. 23 • Southgate House (Juney's Lounge)

By Mike Breen · January 19th, 2010 · Sound Advice

He's had a beer named after him. He was on an MTV “reality” dating show where he threw pizza at some bonehead competitor. He has recorded albums live in the studio, playing bass drum, hi-hat and guitar … simultaneously. And he wears a giant buffalo head “helmet” when he plays live.

What's not to love about Scotty Karate?

The surrealistic solo performer also happens to write some magnetic, energized songs that mix dirty Blues, lo-fi Indie Rock, train-chuggin' Rockabilly and blitzkrieg-boppin' Garage Rock.

There's also a healthy (or maybe unhealthy?) dose of humor streaking through everything he does, as evidenced on his ode to boobs, “Cups,” and in his maniacal live show.

The Michigan native has been called “an uneasy mash-up of Johnny Rotten and Johnny Cash,” though comparisons are futile: Karate is a true original. Step into Scotty Karate's world Saturday when he gives a free performance at the Southgate House in Juney's Lounge.

(Check out performance times and get venue details here.)



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