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Bono, The Who and Chris Cornell

By Staff · January 6th, 2010 · Minimum Gauge


Bono Dictates New Decade
All was not quiet on the day after New Year’s Day this year, especially in The New York Times — hard to keep quiet when you give U2’s singer some big op-ed space. Bono wrote an extensive piece for the “Liberal Rag” (copyright: Fox News Corps.) offering 10 ways to make the next 10 years “more interesting, healthy or civil.” It was actually an entertaining piece that tempered Bono’s perceived over-the-top didacticism with amusing, interesting observations and ideas, from making cars sexy again and organizing a sort of massive “Abrahampalooza” arts festival celebrating Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the name of peace (“No politicians allowed. Artists only.”) to real-deal issues like rotavirus vaccines and allowing free-for-all pollution (if the biggest polluters pay for it).

Bono might not be a philosopher king, but he’d be one of the best people in the world to close a bar down with.


“Also, Please Stop Playing Gary Glitter Songs at Football Games”
ChildAbuseWatch.net seems like a noble enterprise — spreading information in the name of child abuse prevention.

But a press release from the organization denouncing the NFL’s “hiring” of The Who for the Super Bowl halftime show this year seems a bit odd. Are they huge Led Zeppelin fans? Old Who fans still smarting from the It’s Hard album?

Actually, the watchdog Web site is expressing its objection due to guitarist Pete Townshend’s sketchy child pornography charges in the U.K. a few years back. The group’s founder called The Who “a great band,” saying they only had beef with Pete and his indiscretions. (Townshend maintained he was doing “research” by looking at a kiddie porn site but entered a guilty plea, admitting what he did was illegal and receiving a “caution” from the police. He was cleared of possession charges, as no illegal images were found on his computers.)

Minimum Gauge formally issues its objection of the halftime hiring as well. Not because of the porno allegations, but because Townshend can’t seem to stop killing our memories by selling his songs to any advertiser with a big enough wallet.


Chris Cornell gave the supergroup thing a whirl with the dreadful Audioslave, then put out an “of-the-moment” Pop album that got him laughed out of the room. Where to go from there? Back to the money. Cornell announced Soundgarden would reunite in 2010, “tweeting” about it on New Year’s Eve. The band has been gone for about 12 years and the other members have done a better job keeping their dignity (drummer Matt Cameron’s job in Pearl Jam has kept him busy but he isn’t exactly the tabloid-level star Cornell seems to want to be). You know what all this means? We are one Kurt Cobain zombie away from the Grunge Oldies Allstar Revue Tour!



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