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KISS, Pot Music and Vic Chesnutt

By Staff · December 30th, 2009 · Minimum Gauge


A Kase for KISS

Mini Gauge has never been a KISS fan. OK, growing up in the ’70s, there was a month or two we listened to them, but, like Dungeons & Dragons and crystal meth, it was just something we tried because our friends were all into it. Once we realized that, besides the awesome theatrics and costumes, the band only had a few good songs, we moved on to ColecoVision and Rush (the drug and the band). But KISS’s continuing snubs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are ridiculous. It is hard to deny that KISS was one of the most influential Rock & Roll bands of all time. While they made the “nomination” cut for next year’s Rock Hall class, the band (as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and LL Cool J) did not make the final induction roll call for 2010. As if the omission itself wasn’t bad enough, ABBA is being inducted in the Hall this time around. We’re starting to think the Hall has something personal against Simmons and Co. — hmm, could it be the whole “asshole” thing? You usually have to be super-talented artistically to pull that shit off without repercussions.

While an injustice, we don’t feel that bad for the band — karma is a bitch, as they say.


Stop the Presses! Pot Music Leads to Pot Smoking!

A groundbreaking study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has concluded that teenagers who listen to music that references marijuana are more likely to smoke pot. Because the weed music listeners didn’t engage in “other high-risk behaviors” (ie., drinking too much, skydiving, calling Mike Tyson a “sissy boy”), researchers concluded that marijuana use and marijuana lyrics are directly related. In related news, scientists have also linked marijuana smoking to extreme Hostess Ding Dongs abuse and excessive Phish concert attendance. Uh, medical researchers, this is great news and all, but about that AIDS cure …


Life: Still Not Fair

Though it’s not true, 2009 seemed to be the year more noted popular culture figures died than ever before.
While millions are still crushed by MJ’s too-soon death, a smaller collection of underground music fans is reeling from the unexpected Christmas day passing of Vic Chesnutt, the acclaimed Athens, Ga., singer/songwriter who was paralyzed in a car accident when he was 18 and later discovered by Michael Stipe. Reports say Chesnutt died from a purposeful overdose of muscle relaxers. Chesnutt had lately been talking about his ridiculously expensive medical debts (despite having health insurance and help from the Sweet Relief org), making his death another sad example of the total mess that is the American health care system. And the idiots of Jersey Shore are allowed to live and prosper? God, if you do exist, you are one sick fucker.



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