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2009: The Year in Review

CityBeat writers and editors make sense of the year's happenings

By Staff · December 23rd, 2009 · Special

This time of year is known for lots of traditions, from holiday office parties to Christmas trees and menorahs to last-minute dashes to the mall. A favorite tradition among the media is the Year in Review feature.

Who were the emerging stars, the movers and shakers, the has-beens and wanna-bes? What were the highlights, lowlights and trends? How will the year be remembered? All worthy questions ... and CityBeat offers our own answers.


• Jason Gargano and his team of film junkies fend off the "subjective nature of Top 10 lists" and let us in on the best flicks of the year.

• Jason Gargano looks at "an intriguing, often frustrating and sometimes thrilling year at the movies."

• Mike Breen takes a "look back at the best of the year in local recordings."

• Mike Breen and his unstable stable of music writers "get all list-y on 2009's ass."

• Steven Rosen discusses how "film distribution got a shake-up via video-on-demand."

• Phil Morehart offers "a discerning list of 2009's best DVD releases."

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And just because we had extra time on our hands, here are two stories offering a Decade in Review perspective:

• Mike Breen's ode to local original music: "50 reasons why real music fans were lucky to live in Cincinnati in the '00s."

• TT Stern-Enzi puts together a Top 10 list of movies of the decade: "How the decade with no name stacks up in the rearview."


• Artist, critic and all-round creative guru Matt Morris takes "a look back at the year in alternative art spaces and exhibitions."

• Theater critic Rick Pender take us through "the ups and downs of the year in Cincinnati theater."

• Steven Rosen says that local "art museums drew crowds and big shows in ’09."


• Our food critic Anne Mitchell tells us the "shape of food to come" and reviews the trends of the last decade.

• Newshound Kevin Osborne tells us why "the decade’s final year in local news was nothing to celebrate."

• Columnist Larry Gross reminisces on delivering his "always excellent, often brilliant columns just about every other week in 2009."



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