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Cintas Workers and Dale Mallory

By Kevin Osborne · December 23rd, 2009 · Winners and Losers
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CINTAS WORKERS: Maybe Scott Farmer and the Cintas board of directors took their tips on how to run a business from old Charles Dickens novels. It would help explain why the Mason-based firm keeps getting multiple federal fines for workplace safety violations and why workers across the nation continually sue for back pay. Cintas agreed last week to pay $6.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging it violated the city of Los Angeles’ living wage ordinance, in what’s believed to be the largest amount ever paid for alleged violations of that type of law. The settlement means Cintas will pay $3.3 million in back wages and interest to more than 500 Southern California laundry workers.


DALE MALLORY: Almost all of us are having trouble making ends meet during the recession, but there’s no excuse for an elected official not to have resolved an unpaid debt from 13 years ago.

A judge recently ordered the state government to garnish the paycheck of State Rep. Dale Mallory (D-West End), brother to Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, until the interest and remaining principal of a defaulted mortgage from 1997 is paid off. Mallory says he paid off some of the principal with the home’s sale and shouldn’t have to pay anything else. Not quite. The rules that apply to the rest of us apply to Mallory, too. It’s time to begin coughing up the $19,964.07 you still owe, representative.


DENNIS SPISAK: In a time when it’s difficult for most people to tell the difference between Democratic and Republican politicians, who are both beholden to corporate interests, it’s good to see that the Green Party will run a gubernatorial candidate in Ohio for 2010. Spisak recently took out petitions to run. His campaign will focus on pushing for single-payer universal health care, creating “Blue-Green” jobs for unions and improving funding of education — all fundamental issues not being addressed by the big parties. Spisak is a member of the Struthers City Board of Education and has 25 years experience working in the field of public education. Good luck, Dennis!


PHIL HEIMLICH: We don’t know how to list the former Cincinnati councilman and Hamilton County commissioner for displaying some courage and self-awareness. During his morning spot on WXIX-TV, Heimlich criticized a national group of right-wing clergy for its resolution that implicitly gives God’s alleged positions on various issues. Heimlich said the resolution delved into issues that had nothing to do with the Bible, adding the group — like him — sometimes need reminding how to be better Christians. “As a conservative in public office, I tended to forget those scriptures that command the government to help the poor and afflicted,” he said. Too true. But we suspect he won’t act on his revelation, so let’s not get overly excited.



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