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Cheer Up: MPMF.10 Submission Process Now Open

Final deadline is May 15

By Staff · December 22nd, 2009 · MPMF

Is it really that time again? It seems like just yesterday that we were jumping from one packed MPMF venue to another, checking out everyone from local favorites to national and international gems to local favorites turned (inter)national gems.

Yes, bands and artists the world over can now register to take part in the 2010 MidPoint Music Festival, a three-day (Sept.

23-25) downtown Cincinnati party that's rapidly becoming a highlight of the region’s musical landscape.

The process is simple: Go to mpmf.com and use the SonicBids online submission system to prepare an electronic press kit, which must include three original songs (easy, right?) and provides space for plenty of biographical information. The early submission deadline (April 1) has passed, and the final deadline is May 15.

And don’t forget to check MPMF Guru/Executive Producer Dan McCabe's tweets for updates on the latest festival news, and check here for details on the first confirmed performers for MPMF.10.



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