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Comedy: Robert Hawkins

By PF Wilson · December 7th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

You’ll have to forgive comedian Robert Hawkins if he’s skeptical about the severity of the recent economic downturn. “This could be a record year [for me],” he says. “This could be 40 weeks or more on the road…which is both a blessing and a curse. Be careful what you wish for.” Even with his doubts, he’s still helping comedy fans out by giving away his third album, In Charge Around Here.

By simply signing up for his mailing list at roberthawkins.biz, you’ll be able to download the album free. “It’s a comedy stimulus package,” he says. “I sold the first two on the road and made like a thousand dollars on them, but I don’t need the thousand [now]. I want people to come to the club.” Where he will likely talk about, you guessed it, the recession. “I’m tired of people comparing the recession to the Great Depression. If you think it’s even close then you’re ignorant, because, first of all, it’s not a recession if you’re texting about it.” Robert Hawkins performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday December. $8-$12.

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