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Week 11 - Chris Ricci

By Staff · December 4th, 2009 · Bengals Fan

You were under a lot of pressure tonight. What advice would you give other athletes who want to keep cool in extreme sports such as Bengals Football Bolo Toss?
Focus, take your vitamins, say your prayers and good things will happen.

Is there anyone who you would like to thank who may have played a small role in your victory tonight?
Gotta give it for Mom. God gave me the skill and number 82 of the Blue Crew.

What kind of training does it take to pull off such a stunning win like the one you had here?
Lots of 12 ounce Bud Light Curls. If you wanna go big do 40 ounce.

In three words or less, tell the people what it feels like to be a Bengals Fan?
Finally it happened.

As one quarterback to another, what would you, as a champion, tell Carson Palmer he should work on if he wants to wear a Super Bowl ring in February?
Read the defense and watch for the rush.

Did you dream of being a Bengals Bolo Toss champion as a child?
Yes! It was second only to being a Cyclones towel boy.

What Bengal would you most want to have dinner with and why?
Huber the punter.

Nobody gives love to the kickers and punters.

Tell me how a Bengals Football Bolo Toss winner prepares to attend a Bengals game?
Listen to the Bengals Anthem while doing the Icky Shuffle and leg squats.

What is your favorite color? Black or orange?
Black. Slimming.

How do plan on winding down after such a rough game like the one you just dominated?
Getting some candles, drawing a bubble bath. Ice Cold Bud Light will make the night complete.

What team you think the Bengals will face in the Super Bowl this year?

Do you plan on painting your face for the game?
Face? No. Chest, buttocks, ankles and my Bud Light bottle? You bet.



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