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Taxi: The Fourth Season

Paramount, 1981-82, Not Rated

By P.F. Wilson · December 2nd, 2009 · Couch Potato
Every now and then, some entertainment publication tries to come up with a list of the funniest sitcom episodes of all time. There are a lot of great choices to be sure. “Soup Nazi” (Seinfeld), “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” (Friends) “Turkey’s Away” (WKRP in Cincinnati), the list really could go on and on. However, the crown really must go to “Jim The Psychic,” the opening episode of Taxi’s fourth season.

Talk about a leadoff homerun. Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) has a dream that Alex (Judd Hirsch) is going to die. Alex dismisses this notion, but Louie (Danny DeVito) takes the vision seriously and tries to rescue him. Character-driven comedy at it’s finest. It almost makes you forget the other great episodes from this particular season. Louie building a bomb shelter, Jim taking in a runaway and Latka (Andy Kauffman) dealing with his split personality. Then there’s Louie being accused of sexual harassment. After Elaine (Marylou Henner) asks him if he has ever felt violated, Louie surprisingly relates a poignant tale, and actually feels genuine remorse. No extras, sadly, but with so much great comedy, you really don’t need them. Grade: A



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