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Omni Works Music All Star Fundraiser

Dec. 7 • Blue Wisp Jazz Club

By Mike Breen · December 1st, 2009 · Sound Advice

It should be crystal-clear to anyone paying attention that music education in public schools ain’t what it used to be. Thanks to budget constraints and selfish child-less people who vote down school levies so they can keep paying for their extravagant satellite TV subscriptions, arts and music studies have been increasingly lessened or cut. Not only does this mean that children our losing out on vital creative stimulation — it also lessens their ability to learn about our country and the rest of the world’s artistic history and classic artforms.

Veteran Jazz musician Bruce Menefield has taken matters into his own hands, forming the Omni Works Music organization to teach about Jazz via after-school programs around the city.

Menefield teams up with a local school that does recognize the intellectual importance of music education, Walnut Hills High School (thanks to the diligence and vision of the school’s department chair, Kerry Kruze, himself a Jazzman), for the first Omni Works Music All Star fundraising event Monday at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club. For the 7:30 p.m. event, Menefield and his Omni Works Music All Stars (which will include Mike Wade, Marc Fields and Billy Larkin) will be joined by the Walnut Hills High School Jazz Band.

Your $20 donation at the door will help the school’s Jazz Band as well as all of OWM’s programs.

(Get event and club details here.)



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