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Emilie Autumn

Dec. 4 • Bogart's

By Brian Baker · November 30th, 2009 · Sound Advice
Crossbreed Sinead O’Connor and Marilyn Manson, raise their female spawn in a combination Victorian insane asylum/circus and then put a violin in her hands at age 4, and you get an idea of what you’re in for during an evening with Emilie Autumn.

The California-born violinist was inspired by wildman violinist Nigel Kennedy and played concert halls across America and throughout Europe as a youth. At 21, she self-released her debut, a Classical recording titled On a Day. In 2001, she moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and began work on her full-length debut, Enchant, which was released in 2003 and subsequently discovered by Courtney Love, who utilized her violin expertise on her solo debut. Autumn joined Love in the all-female group The Chelsea for a brief tour, then returned to Chicago to work with Billy Corgan.

She eventually got back to her solo work, completing Opheliac and forming her backing band, the Bloody Crumpets, in 2005.

The following year, Autumn released Laced/Unlaced, a double disc consisting of her Classical debut with bonus tracks and a second disc of instrumentals created with violin, harpsichord, synths and drum machines in a style she dubbed “Victoriandustrial.” In 2007, she released a deluxe edition of Enchant as well as an odds and sods collection of rarities called A Bit O’ This and That.

Autumn’s work as appeared on albums by Otep and Dethklok, her songs have been soundtracked on the third and fourth installments of the Saw franchise, she’s appeared on Adult Swim’s Metalocolypse and she has her own fashion label, Willow Tech House. Autumn’s current Asylum tour — an elaborately designed vaudeville/burlesque/carnival/Rock performance utilizing trapeze work, stilt-walking and fire — celebrates the deluxe edition of Opheliac and the release of her handwritten and illustrated autobiographical thriller, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

As ready as you think you are, nothing can prepare you for the Gothic Classical Metal madness of Emilie Autumn’s Asylum.

(Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.)



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