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The Truth About the Truth About Christmas

By Danny Cross · November 25th, 2009 · News

Every year CityBeat staffers gather ’round the Festivus Pole to discuss themes for the many fall and winter projects we undertake. From Halloween through New Year’s Eve we are busy gathering information on holidays that appear year after year, decade after decade, each time demanding renewed energy and creativity for people like us to produce themed-content that isn’t boring, cliché or worse. If we don’t come up with a good idea we end up printing special sections solely dedicated to local highways and Wendy’s restaurants.

But the truth is, when it comes down to it, all we really want to do this time of year is make cartoons about how Christmas is so over-commercialized it makes us want to throw up into our reusable shopping bags.

“Little Sally wants a Hannah Montana doll and it’s only at the mall!” (PUKE!) “I’m buying an iPod from Radio Shack because it’s $10 off!” (BARF!)

But the more we discuss these feelings — and, often, the more we drink — we realize that you, dear reader, might not be so grumpy. After all, you didn’t have to cover the city council race. So maybe we owe you more than a 20-page rant about how great it would be to finally win the War on Christmas. (It’s as real as Santa.)

So how about this: a collection of stories that will teach you some history about Jesus’ actual birthday, give you advice on eating well during the holidays, reconsider the origin of classic seasonal songs, warn you about those holiday blues, brief you on shopping local and let you know about all the awesome art and theater you can attend this year with or without the extended family. It’s not the North Pole come to life, but it’s pretty good for us.

We hope you enjoy The Truth About the Christmas and enjoy the season in whatever way or for whatever reasons you and yours do. It’s going to look really nice out there if it snows and, really, the long winter ahead is going to suck a lot worse than a couple dinners with the relatives. That’s the truth.



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