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Letters to the Editor

By Readers · November 18th, 2009 · Letters
Hold the Olive

Jacob Baynham makes an important observation in “Blowing Their Tops” (issue of Nov. 11) that nothing but Russian Olive has grown back on an eastern Kentucky mountain that was mined and reclaimed 20 years ago.

It is also worth noting for readers who are unaware that Russian Olive is an invasive plant species that exploits damaged ecosystems where native flora has been weakened or destroyed. A “reclaimed” mountain consisting of nothing but Russian Olive has lost its biodiversity and is of little more value ecologically speaking than if it were still bare.

— Brendan Bogosian, Northside

Keep on LOL

“Six Years of Watching” (issue of Nov.

11) got me to thinking — like you, Larry Gross — how time passes so quickly. I feel like I’ve been reading this column just for a while. Actually, I’ve read it from the beginning, as I don’t pick up papers anymore. I’m a Web gal, and I no longer live in Cincinnati. I’m in Detroit now.

I read a lot of columns from all over, but I don’t consider Living Out Loud a column at all. Actually, I don’t know what it is, maybe a slice of life, maybe real people talking about real things. It’s often down and dirty. More times than not, it speaks to me.

I like Larry’s columns the best, then probably C.A.’s and then Jeremy’s. When you people write, I don’t feel like I’m reading something from a Web site. I feel like I’m reading a letter from a friend, someone I know and can relate to.

Please don’t go anywhere. Please keep living out loud. It is a total pleasure.

— Lauren White, Detroit



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