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Work-Friendly Coffeehouses

By Heather Smith · November 11th, 2009 · The Dish

If you work from home, you’ve probably done the coffeehouse circuit. It’s a reason to put on civilian clothes and cast off the tired sweats that self-employed people sometimes come to resent. So when you make the trek in your best pair of jeans, where are the best places to find peace, quiet and instant Wi-Fi? Here are some suggestions.

Koka, Mount Adams

There’s no better place to chat it up with the friendly baristas and get a fair degree of quietude than Koka in Mount Adams. The baristas know what they’re doing and the food is good — lively sandwiches made with love and bread from Shadeau bakery. As far as setting up your makeshift office, you’ll find several electrical outlets and fairly comfortable tables with a view of St. Gregory Street. What you probably won’t find are obnoxious people talking loudly on their cell phones. Just make sure to keep ordering if you camp out for a few hours — at least a couple of coffee drinks, lunch and dessert. Get venue details here.

Enzo’s, Over-the-Rhine

Enzo’s could be your Downtown/Over-the-Rhine satellite office.

They offer up a great latte and the staff is friendly and down to earth. The storefront lets in plenty of natural light and the bright orange décor has a contemporary and airy vibe. As far as food, you won’t be disappointed. Like Koka, Enzo’s has sandwiches that are just as good as those you’d find in most lunch places downtown (some are better). Try the Curry Chicken Salad ($6.95) with cranberries and walnuts, one of the best I’ve Enzo’s had, and the OTR Turkey Reuben ($6.95). Just make sure you charge your laptop before going. While there are usually plenty of tables, there are only a couple of outlets. Get venue details here.

Sitwells, Clifton

If you like to people-watch while you work, there’s no better place than Sitwells. A bit more chaotic than Koka and Enzo’s, Sitwells has an artsy and academic vibe that’s good for unleashing creativity. Service can be slow, but if you’re camping out there, that can be a good thing. Noise level is moderate and if it’s a tough afternoon you can always spike your coffee with one of Sitwells specialty drinks, like the Lucky Coffee with sambuca ($5.50), or go for a signature cocktail like the Multiple Orgasm ($6). Pair that with some comfort food like the homemade soup ($3.50), the Three Cheese Melt ($5.50) and a baked potato. Get venue details here.

Tazza Mia, Downtown and West Chester

If you’re looking for more of a corporate downtown vibe, great food and some really delicious cookies, look no further than Tazza Mia. The upstairs lounge has comfy chairs for a casual afternoon of working. Tazza has Downtown and West Chester locations and will soon open a spot in Covington. 513-381-1388.

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