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Comedy: Troy Baxley

By P.F. Wilson · November 9th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

For Troy Baxley, comedy wasn’t a life-long ambition so much as it was a survival tool. “I started school very early,” he explains, “so I was smaller than other kids. Growing up, I had to be funny and a smart ass to protect myself.” He finally did hop on stage, and delivered what he now describes as the “worst comedy ever. I have yet to see someone as bad as my first set,” he insists. “Totally uncomfortable and shaky, and nervous, and hungry, and dizzy.”

Of course he got better to the point where he is now considered a “comedian’s comedian,” or a guy that other comics go and see.

Not bad for a self-described “lifetime C student,” a group who’s cause he still champions. “To lower one’s expectations is only admitting victory,” he says. “And people who attend my show will be given free motivational bracelets that remind them of that everyday.”

So who or what makes Baxley laugh when he’s off-duty? “All things great and small,” he says. “Just looking around is funny. I like to watch Sesame Street. Did you know that one asshole is still living in that trash can? He’s the champion C student of all time.” Troy Baxley performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday.

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