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Softly on the Surface

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · November 29th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
Jake's Notes: This song responds to the recent racist tirade of comedian Michael Richards. He and Mel Gibson have recently brought to the surface a racial rage that many people my age thought died out in the '60s. Clearly, this ire sits just below the surface, waiting for an opportunity to unveil itself. Unfortunately, opportunities keep arising.

Softly on the Surface - Click Here To Listen

By: Jake Speed 11/28/06

There sits a black man inside the church of God

While up stands a white man preaching his lightning rod

Amen, they both praise and raise a hand up high

Then both men leave, one?s headed left, one right

Softly on the surface, alls just fine

Softly on the surface, ain't no divide

It's certain this surface can't hold what's inside

There's a rage buried below that we just cannot hide

Crowded bus? on walks a withered old man

A young lad gives up his seat, a respectful stand

Both ride with smiles: two church-bound men

One holds the Bible, the other holds the Koran



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