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Music: Vic Chesnutt

By Steve Rosen · November 2nd, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends
Ever since he released his first Michael Stipe-produced album Little in 1990, Vic Chesnutt has carved out one of the most unusual careers in the singer/songwriter pantheon.

A paraplegic using a wheelchair since breaking his neck in a 1983 car accident, the 44-year-old, Athens, Ga.-based Chesnutt may be physically confined but not creatively. Through 15 albums — including the brand-new At the Cut — and constant touring, he has made a name for his meandering, gorgeous melodies and his fearless exploration of dark and mysterious, often-autobiographical subject matter.

His deepest thoughts are revealed through his arresting wordplay, which can be surreal, spookily Southern Gothic and starkly straightforward.

And his voice exudes rustic authenticity as it jumps from falsetto sweetness to biting anger or world-weary confession.

It is music both peacefully down-home and very, very ominous, like The Band playing outdoors as a storm gathers.

He plays the Southgate House. Read Steve Rosen's full interview and get show details here.



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