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Springboro Haunted Hayride & Black Bog

By Hannah McCartney · October 21st, 2009 · Halloween List
For 20 years, the Springboro Haunted Hayride & Black Bog has maintained a sort of peculiar charm on its rustic, countryside setting. These two separate attractions are housed on a sprawling farm in the middle of nowhere. The drive there is an excursion itself, but the experience is well worth the voyage.

The Haunted Hayride trudges through a murky, backwoods lair, meandering past grisly murder scenes and screeching specters. Backseat riders will be the main target of terrorization as characters ambush the trailer, armed with shrill, purring chainsaws or massive scythes. At one point, a maniacal butcher dangles a mangled “Wilbur” pig corpse above passengers, menacing riders with a gaping swine flu vaccination needle.

The Black Bog is more interactive and less child-friendly.

Visitors trek along a windy wilderness path and stumble upon all sorts of horrid hooligans and spectacles, including an eerie Donnie Darko-esque character that decrees you to “pet the rabbit,” to a sinister haunted bus, a tempestuous vortex tunnel, a rickety wooden bridge and a room sprinkled with oozing body bags. Actors get up close and personal. Don’t be surprised if you can feel one of the macabre personas breathing on your neck through one of the narrow, gloomy alleys, and they often engage in conversation or target the feeblest member of a group.

THE WAIT: Lines can run as long as two hours on a busy night. Tours take place weatherpermitting, but it’s probably a smart idea to wear shoes that can get dirty. Dress appropriate to the weather. The bog and the hayride last around 20 minutes.
DETAILS: Sundown to 11:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday through Nov. 1. 6070 Springboro Road, Lebanon, Exit 28 off I-71 North toward Lebanon, 937-748-2272, www.springborohauntedhayride.com
THE DAMAGE: Hayride $12, Black Bog $8, combo for $16. Parking is $2.
CITYBEAT RATING: PG-13 (Haunted Hayride), PG-13 (Black Bog)



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