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Celeb Hair, Hot MCs, Radio Trouble

By Mike Breen · October 21st, 2009 · Minimum Gauge


Hair Today, Bought Tomorrow?
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers recently auctioned off Elvis Presley collectibles featuring clothes and “sweat-stained scarves,” as well as a clump of what is alleged to be The King’s actual hair. The dark locks are believed to be from when Elvis received his crewcut upon entering the Army in 1958. The auction house consulted a collector who also claimed to have Elvis hair (meaning there are apparently “Elvis hair experts”); he determined the clump to be legit. The clippings sold for a meager $18,300.

Is dead celebrity hair becoming its own cottage industry? Burnt hair alleged to be from Michael Jackson after it caught fire in a Pepsi commercial was also recently auctioned and, this summer, a company announced it would be turning carbon from Jackson’s hair into collectible diamonds. For those interested, Minimum Gauge would like to make it known that we are offering Billy Mays’ beard, six pubes from DJ AM and both of Ed McMahon’s eyebrows for rock-bottom prices.


New York Gov Hearts Hip Hop
After the MC Karl Rove debacle and RNC chairman Michael Steele’s decision to call his RNC.com blog “What Up?”, you’d think politicians would be wary of co-opting urban and Hip Hop culture.

But New York Gov. David Paterson might be one of the few politicos who can talk Hip Hop and not sound like a grandpa trying to explain Twitter to a freshman high school class.

When MTV News decided to release a list of today’s “Hottest MCs,” the gov was quick to comment: “There are too many people who think you become successful by mimicking what others have done … but it’s those people who blaze new trails that I think are the MCs of the future. I also think that the MC that figures out that people 18 and older who got the right to vote in 1972 never exercised it till 2008 — there’s a real culture for discussing how our government works and how our society works.”

Meanwhile, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland dismissed the Jigga’s crowning and declared MC Hammer “Hottest MC of All-Time” for his endurance, lyrical prowess and crazy-cool giant pants.


Pay for Play
As the music industry searches for more and more ways to recoup money lost to illegal downloads, it is now hitting up an old ally for some steady income. A bill that would make broadcast radio pay performers for the music it plays passed the Senate Judiciary Committee recently. The bill will now go to the full Senate for approval.

Some fear such a law would kill smaller, non-conglomerate radio. Given the radio industry’s own financial struggles don’t be surprised if the FM dial starts to quickly fill up with “All Talk, All the Time” stations if the law passes.



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