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Angel of Death Haunted Trail

By Stephen Carter-Novotni · October 21st, 2009 · Halloween List
Chainsaws-a-go-go! If the USS Nightmare and the Dent Schoolhouse are the Hollywood haunts in town, this is surely the low-budget slasher flick. Costumes and props are spartan, but Angel of Death is hellishly, demonically scary.

The exit ramp off I-71 is pitch black and the first thing you see is a ROAD CLOSED AHEAD sign. Though it’s right off the highway, you get the idea that these crazies might actually do you in.

Through the road house and into the woods you walk and within minutes you’re surrounded by bloodthirsty goons. Guys who look like the native cast of Deliverance give chase. Five chainsaw murderers surrounded us at once, rushing us from one ghoulish scene to the next. It was a horrific, nearly one-mile run through the woods and the corn. And you will run. It’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like you might actually be slaughtered.

THE WAIT: Lines are fast, 20 minutes at most. The run lasts around 20 minutes.
DETAILS: Dark to 12:30 a.m. Friday-Saturday through Oct. 31. 6162 Wilmington Road, Oregonia, Exit 36 off I-71, 937-304-4215, www.angelofdeathtrail.com
THE DAMAGE: $10, Cash Only



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