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Art: Chewing Color at the Contemporary Arts Center

By Steve Rosen · October 20th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

With the opening of Chewing Color, the new exhibition of the subversive, questioning, unnervingly intimate and maddeningly beautiful fashion photography of Marilyn Minter, the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) has three simultaneous exhibitions that prominently feature video work. The other CAC shows are Anri Sala: Purchase NOT by Moonlight and C. Spencer Yeh: Standard Definition.

Only one of Minter’s pieces in her show is a video.

But what a video it is! “Green Pink Caviar” greets everyone arriving at the museum’s second-floor gallery with its amazing color close-ups — sometimes hyper-realistic, sometimes abstractly flowing and fleetingly ephemeral — of a model’s face at a photo shoot.

Other than “Caviar,” Minter’s show consists of her photographs and paintings. The large enamel-on-metal painting “Bazooka” is of a woman with glittery eye makeup (and maybe freckles?) amidst a carnival-esque explosion of pink. Bubble, lips and mouth become their own expanding universe. It’s so close up that one can even see the reflections of hair in the bubble, so realistic in its detail that even Richard Estes would be envious.

Through May 2. Read more about the exhibit here.



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