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Events: World Peace Yoga Conference

By Peter Robertson · October 19th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Environmentalists, vegans, animal lovers, yogis and anyone in between will have a chance this weekend — all weekend — to take in some fresh country air, enjoy the taste of organic gardens and explore Grailville’s long trails, woods, ponds, creeks and even a labyrinth without that G.D. David Bowie trying to steal your baby. This event is packed with crap to do. The days literally begin at the crack of dawn and push until not a sliver of light is left to shine on the newly peaceful eyes and sore muscles that have been folding and unfolding for hours to find a path to world peace.

The teachers, who will be meticulously straightening spines and rolling hips, are nationally and internationally known teachers who, I’m sure, can fit themselves in a carry-on bag. If you decide to leave your apartment and become a better person, you’ll need to be prepared. People can stay at the Grailville property, which looks like karmic paradise, or get a hotel close by. Clients have to register and will need to supply their own mats, warm clothes and yoga props.

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