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Mayhem Mansion

By Staff · October 14th, 2009 · Halloween List
Driving down Decoursey Pike winding through the backwoods of Kentucky, one can’t help but feel slightly uneasy. Morningview, the home of Mayhem Mansion, feels somewhat like a deserted ghost town at 11 p.m. The boarded-up house does little to comfort a weary traveler.

You couldn’t design a more fitting location. The back-story for this house of doom would make an excellent plot for a Hollywood horror flick: A bootlegger family experiences the tragic loss of a child, driving the father insane. The plot is well-developed and maintained throughout the tour.

Once you arrive, a host takes you through the back-story and leads you to the only available opening in the house: a dark window.

The host stays outside and you are left to fend for yourself once you cross the threshold. You are greeted by the screams and cries of the alleged victims. It seems the father was an equal opportunity murderer and killed men, women and adolescents. As you continue through the dark and narrow hallways, random mutilated victims will accost you and might even touch you. One guest found himself dragging a young girl who was latched on to his ankle as she screamed his name.

While Mayhem Mansion isn’t the most technologically advanced haunt in the area, it’s sure to please the traditionalist. On Saturdays a Pumpkin Patch, complete with a hay-bale spider, is open for the younger ones. (Reviewed by Janet Mitchell)

THE WAIT: Line last around 20 minutes. Once inside the tour takes 15-20 minutes.
DETAILS: Open 7 p.m.-midnight Friday-Saturday through Oct. 31. A Saturday afternoon “lights-on” matinee is available. 13966 Decoursey Pike, Morningview, www.themayhemmansion.com
THE DAMAGE: $12 at the door; discounts available for groups of eight or more. Admission to the Pumpkin Patch is $3.



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