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Kings Island Halloween Haunt

By Staff · October 14th, 2009 · Halloween List
Like gore haunts? Traditional haunts? Haunted trails? Ogling scantilyclad women? We do and were pleased to find that all are a part of Halloween Haunt. This season the straight-up gorefest Slaughter House was added to the mix of 13 attractions.

From the equally bloody Urgent Scare to more mainstream haunts like Massacre Manor and Cut Throat Cove, it’s a well-rounded event. There are even “fun” haunts like Carnevil (clowns run amok) and Tombstone Terror-Tory (using the park’s train ride). Club Blood features exotic vampiric dancers gyrating in cages and lounging atop bars — talk about your body shots! Other attractions include Cemetery Drive, Cornstalkers, Death Row and the popular Trail of Terror.

The Ghouls Gone Wild stage show features classic monsters like the Wolf Man and Frankenstein singing and dancing, and the Hot Blooded show is much of the same with more vampire dancers that wear less and less with each costume change.

KI has also given a lot of attention to the overall park atmosphere, lavishing it with seasonal decorations and fog — lots of fog.

Several of the bigger rides are open for the event as well, including most of the coasters. (Reviewed by Randy Schadel)

THE WAIT: Lines can be long (Hint: get to Trail of Terror early) but move quickly, with individual haunts having tours of 10-20 minutes.
DETAILS: Open 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Friday-Saturday through Oct. 31; special 7 p.m.-midnight Thursday and Sunday dates Oct. 15 and 18. Kings Island, Exit 24 off I-71, Mason, 513-754-5700, haunt. visitkingsisland.com
THE DAMAGE: Free admission to 2008 KI season pass holders. Saturdays and Sundays run $48.99 at the gate or $27.99 online in advance; Thursdays and Fridays are $34.99 at the gate, $21.99 online in advance.



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