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Social Distortion with The Strangers and Middle Class Rut

Sept. 30 • Bogart's

By Gregory Gaston · September 30th, 2009 · Sound Advice
With music such a commodity these days, it's no surprise that former bands, once popular, are now reuniting in waves. Why not sharpen your chops, comb over the gray hair and hit the lucrative tour circuit again?

That's why it's unique to see a band like Social Distortion, who after 25 years plus in the club trenches, is still taking no prisoners in concert.

This Orange County, Calif.,-based Punk band has endured drug addictions, the death of a founding member and waning popularity, all the while holding true to their original vision: Punk blended with a roots influence.

Envision a hybrid sound of The Clash and Johnny Cash, and you're not far away from the inspiration of group founder Mike Ness.

Ness began Social D in 1979 in a Southern California suburb and released their debut, Mommy's Little Monster, in 1983. Like The Ramones, Social D has changed band member lineups multiple times through the years, but their initial sound has stayed much the same.

Spools of images swirl through my mind when thinking of Social D: Rockabilly on steroids, crew cuts and tattoos, biker black, Mike Ness's thick, thunderous guitar tone and a freight-train onslaught of tight originals with cool covers charging down the tracks.

Read Gregory Gaston's 2007 CityBeat interview with Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham, Social D's second guitarist, here.

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