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Thursday Pick: Vanity Theft

Breaking the stereotypes of lame girl bands one rocking show at a time

By Mike Breen · September 23rd, 2009 · MPMF

In its bio, this Dayton-area foursome says the members are “just trying to break the stereotypes of lame girl bands and play something that doesn’t sound like everything else out there.” Mission accomplished.

Vanity Theft makes Indie Pop music that's fun, danceable and brazen. Alicia Grodecki and Brittany Hill are the band’s co-lead singers, usually singing together and concocting some mesmerizing, creative harmonies. They have that kind of harmony-mind-meld that usually only comes from siblings.

The group’s first full-length album, PostScript: Pace Yourself, was voted the No. 1 debut album released by a Dayton band in 2008 by The Dayton Daily News. Listening to it, it appears the newspaper have missed the mark — it’s one of the best debut albums by almost any new band in the past five years.

Here's a profile from DDN's weekly entertainment publication, ActiveDayton.

VANITY THEFT play the MidPoint Music Festival at 9 p.m. Thursday at the Dewey's Stage at Know Theatre. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get MPMF details here.



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