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Iran with Fruit Bats and Kevin Barker

Sept. 17 • Southgate House

By Rich Shivener · September 11th, 2009 · Sound Advice
Disambiguation is fun. Type “Iran” into Wikipedia, and a road to reliable and unreliable sources opens. But nowhere does it say that a band took up the name in 2000. No link. No pop culture reference.

The Brooklyn Noise Pop band needs attention for several ... and not because it deserves a beefy Wikipedia entry.

The buzz surrounding TV on the Radio's Dear Science has faded, but one member of the Post Rock experiment makes up half of Iran (the band). It's a reoccurring sonic fling between friends Aaron Aites and Kyp Malone. Malone plays guitar for TVOTR, and this — let’s call it a side project — allows him to noodle around without consequence.

Aites fronts the project, creating the playgrounds in which he and Malone collaborate. (Aites is a director, too. His latest project is Until the Light Takes Us, a documentary that chronicles Norwegian Black Metal.) The duo’s February release ended a six-year hiatus from recording.

Dissolver, the band's fourth album, maintains an air of Noise Pop and nods to John Lennon, Pink Floyd and, of course, TVOTR. David Sitek of TVOTR produced this one, texturizing Aites' machinations with waves of beautiful chaos. Skip to “Baby, Let's Get High One Last Time Together,” a bluesy jam session that resolves into the following track, “Digital Clocks and Phones,” the ultimate cacophony on Dissolver.

It's clear from the “woo hoo!” opener “I Can See the Future” that Aites and Malone can't take themselves too seriously as Iran. (Should they?) In fact, “Cape Canaveral/Buddy (reprise)” will have you wondering how the hell a Folk song can snap into Arena Rock.

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