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All About Steve (Review)

Sandra Bullock scrapes the bottom of the barrel

By tt stern-enzi · September 9th, 2009 · Movies

Sandra Bullock’s summer confirms the acceleration of the downward slide she’s on, and there would appear to be nothing to hinder her journey to even greater depths. The Proposal, a weirdly calibrated romantic comedy, at least featured Ryan Reynolds in support, but All About Steve leaves her essentially in the lurch because this is a rom-com without a single spark of romance and quirky comedy that borders on offensive tastelessness with its celebration of stalking by a woman with an undiagnosed socio-affective disorder.

Adam, another recent release about a potential lover with social issues, at least had the decency to use a more direct approach to the challenges in relationships and treated audiences with more human characters and relatable scenarios.

Having Mary Horowitz (Bullock) throw herself at television cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper, seemingly in fear for his career, if not his very life) on their first date and then take off on a cross-country hunt for him as if he were Red October, might have tickled the fancies of studio executives eager to jump into the sack with Bullock and Cooper. But everyone involved should have woken up the next morning and realized how coyote ugly this idea really was. Grade: F

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