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Party: Freddie Mercury's Birthday Party

By Brian Cross · September 1st, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Grammer's recently opened beer garden and newfound classy-sexy-cool clientele, make it a historical bar that retains the character of its time while hosting some of the coolest events and parties in town.

One of which is the Freddie Mercury dance party. That party is happening again this year on Mr. Mercury’s birthday (Sept. 5). We talked with Shannon Yoho, the bohemian behind the rhapsody that is Freddie Mercury’s birthday bash, to find out more about it.

Yoho says she fell in love with Freddie Mercury and Rock & Roll during a family road trip after her cousin let her listen to the Wayne’s World soundtrack on her Walkman.

(Yes, it was a long time ago.)

That love inspired Yoho to put on the first birthday bash last year, which featured all the Lycra and glitter you’d expect, as well as homemade mustache cookies (which might be provided again this year).

“I wanted more reasons for Cincinnati, mainly myself, to be able to go out in shiny jumpsuits and glitter,” Yoho says, “and be able to sweat profusely to Queen songs as well as a bunch of other Glam Rock favorites.”

Also last year, AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati provided information on getting involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS (Mercury died of health complications due to AIDS) and, according to Yoho, “a ton of condoms and lube that ended up all over the place.”

Yoho says this year we can expect dancing, elaborate costumes and makeup, a costume contest, a ridiculous live performance, an excess of champagne and a hangover in the morning.

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