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Clifford Nevernew

Sept. 5 • Southgate House

By Mike Breen · September 1st, 2009 · Sound Advice

One of the better Indie Pop/Rock bands in Cincinnati in the 1990s was Clifford Nevernew. Since they stopped performing, bassist Eric Appleby has played with local bands like 7 Speed Vortex, while singer/guitarist Matt Hart continues to play with Squirtgun, a Pop/Punk band that's released albums through Lookout! and Honest Don’s. The two have continued to collaborate on other projects, like the Forklift, Ohio literary zine.

The band is doing a reunion show Saturday at the Southgate House (in the Parlour), joined by guests Eagle to Squirrel and 7 Speed Vortex. To check out past Clifford Nevernew recordings, go to cliffordnevernew.com.

Get show details here.



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