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The Spits

Sept. 8 • The Comet

By Reyan Ali · August 31st, 2009 · Sound Advice

Leave it to The Spits to write a song called “Terrorist Attack” and make the experience a riot.

In the video for the 2005 track from a split 7-inch on Puke Records, the cretins pair an insipid lo-fi Punk track with scenes from the David Carradine/Richard Roundtree '80s B-movie Q: The Winged Serpent. The poorly constructed dragon beheads a window washer, causes havoc in the streets and uses its jaws to toss a security guard from a skyscraper. All the while the phrase “Terrorist attack!” is repeated non-stop until the slogan degenerates into mush mouthed fist-pumping.

“Terrorist Attack” is far from the only time the Seattle-via-Kalamazoo, Mich. bunch has done something ridiculous and/or potentially offensive. The top of their Web site reads “Fuck Nickel & Dime Records,” referencing the label that issued their 2002 debut LP. Promo pictures find the quartet posing in mock hostage situations. And the cover to 2004’s 19 Million AC full-length stars Pope John Paul II bursting out of a UFO.

Antics aside, the music is an uncouth Garage/Punk mesh that appears to have a resurrected Joey Ramone on the mic. Songs are typically delivered as feisty, dirty slurs that could have been written a few decades ago. As they trek the country in support of the new CD School’s Out, released in June, expect for The Spits to rot your brain and not give a second thought to it.

The band plays a free show Tuesday at The Comet in Northside. Get details here.



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