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Bizarro Votes

By · November 15th, 2006 · Letters
Well, I really gotta hand it to Ohio voters this year. We have three ballot initiatives that have a rock solid influence on how downtown Cincinnati is going to look, and somehow the voters vote the bizarro way.

What am I talking about? First there's Issue 3. Not only would this issue have had a phenomenal hand in helping all of Ohio's children go to college without costing an arm and a leg, but it would have created jobs and brought something new and fun to our area and the state as a whole. The voters rejected it!

Next, there are issues 4 and 5. Issue 5 was nothing short of a bunch of busybodies and crybabies wanting to get their way because they don't like smoking.

Here's a genius idea: If non-smoking bars are great, let's build some!

If you think lots of bars and nightspots closed downtown before, wait until the Issue 5 ban takes effect. You ain't seen nothing yet! I can only imagine the jubilation Northern Kentucky bar owners are feeling.

-- Greg Blosser, Mount Washington

Thanks for Hurting Us
I'm not sure who I'm more furious with now that Issue 5 passed: the do-gooders who have never set foot in a bar, and never will, who saw fit to impose their will on those of us who do -- or the many people who enjoy smoking in bars who didn't bother to vote. Way to go!

I'm a 20-year full-time musician, and you've just put a serious cramp in my ability to earn a living. Thanks for hurting the very people you purport to "protect."

I guess I'll be playing a lot more gigs in Northern Kentucky, at least until the smoke Nazis have their way there, too!

-- Bob Cushing, Delhi



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