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Comedy: Darrell Joyce

By PF Wilson · August 25th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

For someone who tells jokes for a living, Darrell Joyce is actually kind of shy. “I’m not really an outgoing person,” he confesses. “I’m kind of introverted, but I can go on stage and make it happen, and then come off and within 10 seconds I’m the complete opposite.” He knows a lot of non-comedians who are the same way. His friend, the third degree black belt karate expert, for example. “He’ll go into the ring and whip somebody’s ass and outside of the ring he’s the nicest person.

You look at him and go ‘How could you kick somebody the face?’” When he was younger, the Columbus-native never really thought of himself as a laugh machine. “I was the guy saying the least out of anybody,” he explains, “but the one thing I did say was a gem and we’d crack up for like 10 minutes.” That was good enough for his friends to insist he try an open mic night. He beat out five other amateurs for a $50 prize. “I thought I’d shit myself,” he laughs, “but it came off kind of Woody Allen-esque. The first time on stage you don’t know anything about charisma or stage presence. You just want to go up, do your dick jokes and hope they laugh.” Darrell Joyce performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday. $8-$12.

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