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Owned by Ono, Kanye's Film and Rock 'N Roll Camp

By Matthew Murray · August 19th, 2009 · Minimum Gauge


Rock Band gets Yoko Ono’d

Giving the Beatles hell wasn’t enough for Yoko Ono, as Rock Band designers are now getting a taste of the former First Lady of Rock. Ono reportedly decided to wait until the last minute to tell the designers of The Beatles: Rock Band video game that she felt it needed some major overhauls before its release. The designers say most of her complaints were centered on the look of the game. Maybe Lennon wasn’t looking dreamy enough for her, or perhaps she wanted the creators to add the entire “Wedding Album” and subsequent nudie pictures of her and her former hubby as downloadable content. The staff says they didn’t mind that she offered her opinion, they just wish she had done so more than three months before the game’s release date. Ultimately, revisions were made and Yoko Ono did endorse the final version of the game.

Apparently John Lennon isn’t the only whipped person Ono has come across.


Kanye West dives into Film

Spike Jonze and Kanye West are teaming up for the first time since Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video, this time to create a short film. The film, titled We Were Once a Fairytale, will run at roughly 15 minutes, mostly because that’s about all anyone can handle of watching Kanye West. The film will be based on West’s “See You in my Nightmares” off of last year’s 808s & Heartbreak, but West stresses that it will not be a music video. Allegedly we can look forward to Kanye West making love with a pillow, vomiting rose pedals and even rodent suicide. Seriously. Maybe the whole film will be in Auto-Tune?


Rock & Roll Fantasy

Who better to teach the masses about Rock & Roll than musicians who haven’t been relevant in two decades? Meat Loaf and Kiss’ Ace Frehley will be the “headline” counselors at Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood this November. The camp is designed to allow its attendees the opportunity to jam with the stars (a term that is clearly being used loosely), though in reality most people will just wonder one of two things: Who the hell are these two old guys on stage? And isn’t that the guy with the boobs in Fight Club? Last year’s headline counselor was Steven Tyler, and while that certainly was better this year, Tyler’s been sidelined ever since falling from the stage earlier this summer. Now that’s Rock & Roll. Maybe next year they’ll get Milli Vanilli to counsel.



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