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The New Hands of Change

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · November 15th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
Jakes Notes: Hip, Hip Huzzah for Americas regime change. For once in my life, most of the candidates that I voted for turned out winners. So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya? I sing to Red-Staters all around. Let's give the Blues a chance to screw things up in their own way.

The New Hands of Change - Click here to Listen By: Jake Speed 11/13/06

The clock is striking in the hall The tick-tock is echoing the coming of the fall The red sun is setting on the Hill A new day is dawning, a blue sky is rising on the sill

Oh, the hours come And the coo coo bird has called Oh, the bell has rung And it's ringing for us all Oh, it ain't too late But the hourglass is thin There's no time to wait May the new hands of change get ready (get ready) to begin

The pendulum is swinging left The tinkers are thinkers, the tinkers are deft A new face is smiling on the dial Watch out, there's no stopping, no right wing flip-flopping down the aisle



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