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The Pope and Hammer Pants

By Mike Breen · August 5th, 2009 · Minimum Gauge


The Pope Is Dope
What do Eminem, Lady Gaga, Guns N’ Roses, Weezer and Pope Benedict XVI have in common? If you answered questionable ties to the Nazi party … well, what the hell is wrong with you? Da Pope is actually soon to become labelmates with the aforementioned as he joins the roster of Interscope Records (or, more precisely, Geffen Records, which is now under the Interscope/Universal umbrella).

ABC News reports that Benedict (Rap name: PB16?) is making an album for Geffen that will have his voice, singing and spitting verses and prayers. The album is being made at Abbey Road studios in London, but MC Pope won’t be in the booth — producers are using pre-recorded tracks. Obviously, The Pope is laying low until this whole east Vatican City/west Vatican City feud has died down.


The Pants Heard ’Round the World
Not too long ago, MC Hammer was making the news for his serious financial troubles, which, according to Behind the Music, was a result of Hammer hiring everyone he knew and all of their friends and family for his entourage (though we suspect the gold-plated “Hammertime” gates to his mansion, his two helicopters and the gold chains he bought for his four rottweilers might have had something to do with it, too).

But recently it seems like Hammer has turned the corner, what with all of those “cash for gold” TV commercials and his stupid A&E reality show.

Still, the “rapper” is looking a little desperate with his “Hammertime Auction” on the A&E Web site, where Hammer is trying to get rid of some personal/“collectors” items, including an autographed MC Hammer Barbie-like doll (with “exclusive cassette tape” or “boom box”!) and, most enticingly, his infamous poofy pants, a fashion style made famous by their appearance in his “Can’t Touch This” video. At press time, bidding was up to almost $200.

Not for sale: MC Hammer’s dignity, which hasn’t been seen for decades.


Jailhouse Shock Rock?
Cincinnati native and all-around lunatic Charles Manson is apparently looking for a new musical mentor (Manson was a fledgling singer/songwriter before all the murder/cult/out-of-control insanity stuff) and allegedly has his sights set on legendary producer/recent convicted murderer Phil Spector. According to an item in The New York Post (so, as with all Rupert Murdoch enterprises, take it with a supersized grain of salt), Spector — who is now locked up for 19 years in the same prison as Manson — received a note passed by a guard from Charlie asking if he could visit Spector in his cell. Spector reportedly did not respond.

We shouldn’t be so quick to judge — maybe Manson just wanted some wig advice?



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