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Mountain Songs

By Mike Breen · July 29th, 2009 · Spill It

Socially-aware and politically-minded musicians like U2 and Public Enemy could be accused of trying to move (proverbial) mountains with their music. On Sunday, several local musicians will be joining forces to do just the opposite.

“Music for the Mountains” is a music-minded event aimed at halting the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia. The grassroots group Ohio Citizen Action has been heavily involved in trying to get politicians to put a stop to the mining, which has flattened 2,500 square miles and buried more than 1,200 miles of mountain streams, according to a story from the BBC. OCA and others are urging everyone to contact their representatives and ask them to support the Appalachia Restoration Act bill.

The all-ages benefit/awareness-raising concert (speakers will be on hand to school the audience on the cause) features several local musicians whose music has an Appalachian flair: Magnolia Mountain, Majo, The Tillers, Cletus Romp, Daniel Martin Moore and Peter Adams. The event kicks off at 5 p.m.; admission is $10. Details here.

[For more on the controversy surrounding mountaintop removal, read CityBeat's "Leveling Appalachia" news article from March 2009.]

A Taste of Salsa

As if free Salsa music and dance on Fountain Square every Thursday (starting at 7 p.m.) wasn’t enough to lure you to the popular “Salsa on the Square” concerts, you can now pick up a CD showcasing all of the local acts that perform at the event.

And it won’t cost you a dime, either.

Just as the series does, the free CD shows what an amazing scene there is in town for Latin music fans. The six-track disc features newly recorded cuts by Acapulco, Son Del Caribe, Mambo Diablo, Zumba, Tropicoso and Poco Loco.

Be sure to arrive early — the free-ness of the CD is limited to the first 50 people who ask for one. Along with the CD, you can also pick up a “2-for-1” coupon that allows you to take a buddy to one of the regular Salsa nights around town for free. Details: myfountainsquare.com

More Local Notes

• Friday at 11 a.m., “Jail Alley” in the Main Street Entertainment District will get a much better name. The alley across from the corner of 12th and Main streets will officially be renamed “Michael Bany Way” in honor of the veteran local musician (a member of The Goshorn Brothers, Wheels and The Bluebirds) who was slain in Over-the-Rhine following a gig in 1995. Along with the renaming ceremony, members from the Michael W. Bany Music Scholarship will present this year’s scholarship to Jalessa Andrews.

• Shows by scorching Garage rockers The Pariahs are kind of like comets: Catch ‘em when you can, because it might be a while before you can see them again. So it’s fitting that the band is performing at The Comet in Northside Friday for what some have said might be their last show (others have said the rumor is a “PR stunt”). What we do know is that it is singer Kevin Donahue’s 50th birthday blow-out and the revolving lineup features Scott Haggerty (The Mortals, Snake Punching Contest), William Gilmore Weber (The Tigerlilies, Chrome Cranks, Murder Junkies) and drummer Jeff Hoffman. Like-minded bands The Long Gones and The Junkers also perform at the free show. Details here.

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