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Comedy: Rene Bray

By PF Wilson · July 28th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

“When I got out of college I wanted to be an attorney,” says comedian Rene Bray, “but I was afraid to speak in front of people. I don’t know what made me do stand-up, but once I got on stage I was completely comfortable. I love it. I have a blast.” Sometimes the Florida-based comic follows a set list, sometimes not. “I could probably do a three hour show, but I like to feel out the audience. And God forbid somebody yells at me,” she laughs. “I learned that very early in my career.

They are not going to get the best of me.”

Bray loves to interact with the audience, and will even give them a chance to ask her questions about anything. “I’m a victim’s rights activist and I talk about that in my act,” she says. “Serious, funny, I don’t care. Ask what you want. Other comics say ‘I can’t believe you can take a sex crime question and make it funny,’ but you have to risk not being funny to be funny.” The Wilmington High graduate returns to her hometown to perform two benefit shows. Proceeds will go to the Wilmington schools’ foundation to provide school supplies for children in need. She will be joined by fellow female comics Stephanie Hodge and Kay Frances Brewer, who also graduated from WHS. “How weird is it,” asks Brey, “to have three successful comedians from any city, let alone a town of 12,000?” The comediennes perform Saturday at the Hugh G. Heiland Theatre at Wilmington College. Showimes are 4 p.m. (PG-13) and 8 p.m. (R-rated). Tickets are $10.



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