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Aurore Presses On

By Alex Weber · July 22nd, 2009 · Spill It
Independent publishing house Aurore Press has had strong ties to the local music community since its inception, releasing a book by Robert Sturdevant (aka Jughead, singer for Cincy Punk legends SS-20) and compilations featuring writings by various local musicians, writers and artists. The publisher took on the conflict in Iraq with the collection Country at War: Reflections on the War in Iraq, and now it turns its attention to religion with the release of godLESS, a compilation of critical musings on religion. The book features essays by musicians like Mark Messerly (Wussy, Messerly & Ewing, 7 Speed Vortex), Abiyah and Sturdevant, as well as Nathan Singer, Patrick Moore (a host of WAIF’s On the Way to the Peak of Normal radio show) and Neil Aquino (aka Hockeypunk), former co-host of early, groundbreaking WAIF Punk Rock show Search and Destroy.

The book gets a release party at The Comet at 7 p.m. Saturday. Following spoken word presentations by many of the authors will be a live performance by SS-20’s Pedro-X and Sturdevant.

In other Aurore news, the publisher is turning record label next month with the release of a live CD in honor of Aurore’s Stories for Shorty, a collection of remembrances about famed Newport Punk venue The Jockey Club.

The CD will include songs from The Libertines, The Thangs, SS-20, BPA and The Reduced recorded at the book’s release show last year. A release party for the CD on Aug. 15 at the Southgate House will feature some of those bands, as well as a Human Zoo reunion and an appearance by legendary Punk band Gang Green, which is now Cincinnati-based, with a cast of local players, including ex-Sluggo guitar-slinger Chris Donnelly (later of The Mimis and SHAG). The show and CD will benefit local Punk champion Handsome Clem Carpenter, host of the aforementioned Search and Destroy radio show. (aurorepress.com)

Get Bossy at Baba’s

DJ Ska Boss (a.k.a. Stacey Ivey) hosts “Another Soul Party,” a Reggae-fied dance-a-thon at Baba Budan’s in Clifton on Saturday night, except this time she’s brought along some friends. Marcus Rauschkolb and Harold Pendleton — together known as the Greater Carolina Society for the Preservation of Soul — are expert practitioners in the fine art of gettin’ a party goin’. These Southern gentlemen are well-known for their DJing in the Carolinas and Georgia. They’ll be complementing the Ska Boss’ Jamaican-baked tunes by spinning the best Northern Soul, Garage-Mod and Motown. Plus they specialize in sound-clash-style, competitive turntable alternation, so this party promises to be entertaining even for all you wallflowers out there.

No excuses — get there and dance! The free sets start at 10 p.m.

Chuck Lands at Play by Play

Silverton’s Play by Play Café is all set to transform into a TV studio “with rhythm and soul” on Sunday night for the debut taping of a new, monthly, live-Blues-and-Rock program called The Chuck Land Show. Working Class Villain, Gradual Taylor, Leadfoot Johnny, Jim and Rick Dews and The Chuck Land Band will perform from 7-11 p.m. with a special jam session through midnight for those of you who like to stay out a little later and be real hungover at work on Monday morning. If you’d like to be part of the live Chuck Land studio audience, it’ll cost you five bucks at the door. That’s only a dollar a band, and you might even get to appear on an Internet TV show! (chucklandshow.com)

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