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Music: Hyacinth House

By C.A. MacConnell · July 21st, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Hyacinth House is dirty, sexy, seedy. And without a doubt, kickin’. A souped-up Beta Band. LCD Soundsystem with a li’l bit of Modest Mouse. That about hits it. High energy, this music’s got “late late night trouble,” dark rooms, weird lighting and couch surfing written all over it. In a good way, nasty.

Electropunk band Hyacinth House played the “Bodyrock” event at the Blue Rock Tavern every Wednesday in June, booking bands and DJs. Schalk continues, “We’re lookin’ for other places to rock out to.

It’s cool, because at Blue Rock we can pretty much do what we want. I can walk on top of the bar. I can jump off shit, and no one really cares. It allows us to have a little freedom.”

The band is in the process of setting up a Northside production company aimed at promotion and networking. Recording at local spot Candyland Studios, the band’s debut CD is in the oven, with a release party planned for the end of July.

Listen, and in no time, you’ll start nodding your head, grinning, then full-on moving, feeling the ground — no, feeling the underground.

They play the Blue Rock Tavern Wednesday. Read C.A. MacConnell's interview with the band here.


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