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Bloggers, Local Motorist, Maisonette and Rape Crisis

By Staff · July 15th, 2009 · Winners and Losers


BLOGGERS: The Illinois-based Save-A-Life Foundation voluntarily dropped its lawsuit this month against local blogger Jason Haap, a.k.a. “The Dean of Cincinnati.” Haap wrote a well-sourced online article alleging the group taught a discredited technique to help drowning victims and misled donors about its finances. Save- A-Life’s baseless suit was an attempt to intimidate critics, and the dismissal is a First Amendment victory.


LOCAL MOTORISTS: A Hamilton County grand jury this month declined to indict an 18-year-old man in connection with a rock-throwing incident on Columbia Parkway that injured a woman riding in a taxicab.

Prosecutor Joe Deters said there was insufficient evidence to win at trial.
Instead of wasting time holding press conferences with Jeff Ruby and at the alleged suspect’s house to garner attention, Cincinnati police should’ve spent more time working the case.


MAISONETTE: Sources say master chef Jean-Robert de Cavel is in negotiations to buy the rights to the “Maisonette” name and revive the classic French restaurant. Before it closed in 2005, the Maisonette was the only Ohio eatery awarded five stars by the Mobil Travel Guide.
Gourmands everywhere hope the rumors are true.


RAPE CRISIS CENTER: The Hamilton County Rape Crisis and Abuse Center recently received $38,476 in federal stimulus money to help perform its vital work. Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray allocated the grant, part of $1.2 million in federal aid earmarked to help crime victims.



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