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Music: Bubblegum Masquerade

By Alex Weber · July 9th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

"The Bubblegum Masquerade," you say? Indeed. A local gentleman named Paul O'Moore has put together the Saturday show under the banner of his Vibrant Fringe Productions group, an essentially pro bono, one-man promotions organization founded to "exclusively support local and regional music" and to be "a partner in rebuilding Greater Cincinnati's music scene," according to the Vibrant Fringe Web site.

And looking at the generous lineup of local acts that O'Moore's ambitious two-stage, twelve-hour, multi-genre Masquerade plans to offer, he's clearly living up to his own mission statement.

Bring your sleeping bag, because this is not only a music festival but also a campout! You'll get to stay overnight and enjoy a pancake social and acoustic sets when you get up in the a.m.

Hannon’s Camp America in Oxford plays host to the Masquerade, and 10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Advocates for Deaf Education.

All Rock ‘n’ Roll campers are going to need to cough up $20 (or $30 on the day of the show) and bring their own sleeping bags and tents ... and booze, if they so choose.

The event runs from Saturday, July 11 until Sunday, July 12.

Click here for a lineup, information and tickets.



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