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Music: State Song

By Alex Weber · July 8th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

State Song is a successful operation based on its particular triad, the idea of three members who feed off one another’s chemistry, energy and intensity. What makes the band sound bigger than life, however, is the members’ willingness to burn slowly, to embrace dynamics, to use a sampler and a keyboard. To maximize the sonic potential is the main goal.

Lead singer and guitarist Scot Torres lays it out plainly: “We’re always pushing the envelope to try to get as many sounds as we can out of a three-piece at all times, but we don’t do anything in the studio that we can’t do live.”

What does it sound like? Imagine an ultra-dynamic, highly flammable distillation of all that pre-State Song work.

Torres’ bipolar guitars pluck and lilt gently along verses until working themselves into a hell-bent and distorted frenzy for grand choruses. Jesse’s drums provide a solid thud and Hemingway’s basslines sustain a hummable melody. Things still get hard and loud, but State Song doesn’t hold out the heaviness for whole songs.

And there’s certainly an accomplished Pop undercurrent to allay the noisier elements. Listening to State Song, though, is no emotionally measured experience. It’s more like riding a boat through calm waters and suddenly being swept up in a tsunami — or being gently smothered with a pillow.

They play the Northside Tavern with Mallory. Get Show details and read Alex Weber's interview with the band here.



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