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Gunnin' for Jesus, Ready to Rumble

By Alex Weber · July 8th, 2009 · Spill It
Church can be a pretty big drag. You have to get up early on a weekend morning, dress nice, stand up and sit down (and sometimes even kneel, depending on your denomination) and listen to detached, boring organ music.

Ryan Adcock and Craig Dockery have the antidote ... to the detached, boring music part, at least.

Having met while filling in for Sunday band regulars at their local house of worship, the two songwriters put their heads together and decided to start a faith-based band — but not just any old Christian band. Adcock and Dockery wanted to avoid worn-out clichés and over-the-top sanctimoniousness and focus instead on honest and personal accounts of the struggles and successes that a life with religion can offer. They called it Flaregun.

Adcock, who spent years as a traveling acoustic troubadour, wrote 10 songs in as many weeks, all of them inspired by his preacher’s Sunday sermons. He sang and played them on acoustic guitar while Dockery, former frontman for local rockers The Vinyltones, stepped back from his lead singer role and provided production work and various background sounds enhancing the otherwise sparse songs.

The final product is Ten Sundays, a gently introspective album that seems to hinge on the theme of surrendering one’s self to a higher power and the simultaneous difficulty of taking that step.

Musically, the album is squarely within the singer/songwriter camp, with Dockery’s subtle sampling and Rhodes piano work and Adcock’s minimalistic percussion adding fuller, more fleshed-out background sound and a mellow, forward-stumbling rhythmic momentum.

The Ten Sundays CD release event takes place Friday at 8 p.m. at The Monastery in Walnut Hills (2601 Stanton Ave.). Tickets are $10. And while it might take place at a former church, it’ll probably still be more fun than Sunday service. (shootyourflaregun.com)

Ready to Rumble

If the churchy type stuff isn’t your game, then throw on a pair of aviators, grease up that pompadour and get your sinnin’ ass to the Southgate House on Friday night, because you’ll be gettin’ liquored up and partying with Rumble Club instead. They’re celebrating their new full-length CD, The Bad in Me.

The Covington-based professional badasses are fresh off their “Westbound and Down” tour, which took them to places as far-flung (yet appropriate) as Las Vegas, El Paso and Nashville. These road-runnin’ Rockabilly rebels are home just in time to unleash their new CD (on Wolverine Records) and twang and twist their way through a rowdy, punky set of tunes about hot rods, girls, guns and trouble. Chicago Garage gals The Dyes open.

The show starts at 9 p.m., and tickets are $5 ($8 for ages 18-20). (rumbleclub.com)

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