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Hot July Nights

By Heather Smith · July 1st, 2009 · The Dish
If you’re in the mood to schmooze with strangers this month, there are quite a few communal drinking/dining experiences to get you out of your comfort zone and meeting new people — from “Euro-Chic” young professionals to not-as-chic UC professors.

On July 9, the European-American Chamber of Commerce will host “Euro-Chic” Happy Hour at Cumin. For $7, you can mingle with international and “internationally minded” young professionals while quaffing discounted signature cocktails, wines and imported beers and noshing on rock shrimp and basil spring rolls. The French presence is strong, so it’s a great opportunity to use those lines — “comment t’appelle tu” and “quel est votre profession?” — that you haven’t used since high school French class or the last time you tried to pick someone up in Paris. Register at www.europecincinnati.com.

Every month, the University of Cincinnati holds a wine tasting at Mick & Mack’s Contemporary Café in Tangeman University Center, directly across from the UC Bookstore.

If you’re looking for an academic position or just like being in a mind-buzzing atmosphere, stop by for a wide selection of wines and hors d’oeuvres. The next tasting is July 9 from 5-7 p.m.; prices vary. See www.uc.edu/food/wine_tasting.html for more information.

If you’re in the mood for a communal dining dinner club experience, check out Nectar’s The Delicate Sweetness of Berries on July 23. Vicky Tewes of the certified naturally-grown Thistlehair Farm in Union, Ky., will host. The farm offers blueberries, blackberries and heirloom tomatoes as well as a large variety of seasonal crops. Nectar will highlight the sweet harvest of blueberries and blackberries in its dinner, which will capture fresh, summertime tastes. Call 513-929-0525 for reservations. Check out future Nectar Dinner Club events here.

If you want to meet people while learning something new, check out Preserving the Harvest this Sunday. Throughout the growing season, the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market (3424 Edwards Road) features highlights ways to can, freeze and dry bulk produce. Park and Vine is supplying canning jars and other items for sale, while Cincinnati Locavore’s Valerie Taylor will demonstrate techniques for putting up berries, tomatoes and vegetables.

Another opportunity to meet other like-minded green folk is Park and Vine’s Introduction to Permaculture on July 11. Permaculture is an approach to designing perennial agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in nature, and participants will take away simple practices that can change their impact on the planet. Offered 2:30 p.m. on Saturday at Park and Vine in Over-the-Rhine. RSVP to Certified Permaculture Designer Mike Roman at mroman@gormanfarm.org.

In other news, Amol India will spend the first week of July celebrating its 10-year anniversary as one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Greater Cincinnati. Make sure to stop by and honor one of the oldest Indian restaurants in town. Call 513-961-3600.




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