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The Restaurants Most Likely to Make You Look Good Naked

By Heather Smith · June 24th, 2009 · Cravings

I was recently at a restaurant in Chicago, Nacional 27, that served a Look-Better-Naked Margarita. (They also happen to serve the best margaritas in the country.) I appreciated the gesture and it made me think about all the dining opportunities to help you look better naked right here in our city. (It seems there are some things you don’t have to move to Chicago or the East Coast for; looking better naked is one of them.) So I asked my friends — on Facebook, of course (who talks in person anymore?) — and we came up with the Top 5 restaurants “most likely to make you look good naked.” Here are the winners:

The Brown Dog Café (Blue Ash, 513-794-1610)
Best known for exotic, wild game, Brown Dog also has a surprising amount of good salads, and good salads are surprisingly hard to find in some restaurants. Like the Watermelon Bibb Salad ($6) with prosciutto, bibb lettuce, cucumber, orange and candied pine nuts in a scallion apple vinaigrette. Or the Roasted Beet with Montechet Blanc ($6), pistachio-crusted montechet blanc, beets, tomato and micro greens in a citrus vinaigrette. If you want something heartier, try the Salad Nicoise ($17) with organic mesclun greens, haricot vert, chilled redskin potatoes and yellow fin tuna or portabella.

Through the Garden (Kenwood, 513-791-2199)
Also in Blue Ash, Through the Garden is another great choice for anyone planning to get naked over the summer.

One of the few places where you can get a healthy, natural stir-fry with olive oil, salt, pepper, white wine and veggies ($11.25), Through the Garden also offers several grilled chicken options (try the Dijon with French Mustard) and healthy sides like vegetables and baked potatoes.

Myra’s Dionysus (Clifton Heights, 513-961-1578)
Where else can you get Baked Tofu ($7.50) that actually tastes good? Here, it’s marinated and oven toasted with Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce) and lime. You can get it over brown rice or sesame noodles. No guilt, no fat, better sex? Also try the Imam Bialid ($7.50), a Turkish dish with eggplant and tomato, seasoned with allspice and currants.

%u2028Indigo (Hyde Park, 513-321-9952)
%u2028Here, there be dragons, like the Cranberry Encrusted Goat Cheese Medallions ($13.99), so you need to come armed with self-discipline, but there are also several friendly options like the best make-your-own-salad in the city. Choose from more than 50 ingredients, from crunchy rice noodles and fresh cilantro to hard salami and pablano peppers. The salads are made for you and brought to the table. %u2028

Lavomatic (Downtown, 513-621-1999)
Lavomatic has a great look-better-naked option where you can get three European tapas items for $11; it makes a great light summer meal, particularly if you get the Deviled Eggs ($4) and the Potato Terrine with hearts of palm, arugula and truffle oil. Finish this off with a cup of fennel-seasoned Roasted Carrot Soup ($5). The rooftop makes for perfect summer dining (but be sure to come clothed).

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