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Release Show Déja Vu

By Alex Weber · June 24th, 2009 · Spill It
Sometimes, when you get two solo artists together for a collaboration disc, you’ve just got to have two separate release parties to celebrate. And when you have the distinct pleasure of living in a border city separated from another border city by a river, you’ve got to make sure those release shows cover both metro areas.

Such is the case with Ryan Malott and Kelly Thomas and their debut EP, which will see international distribution thanks to Deep Elm Records, according to Thomas. Thomas, who currently calls her bluesy Roots outfit The Fabulous Pickups home, teamed up with Malott, singer and guitarist of amped-up Country/Rock brawlers 500 Miles to Memphis, to co-write some songs over the past few months. The Covington-based singer/songwriters will hold a release party and full-band show this Friday at the Northside Tavern (with fellow Kentuckians The Lions Rampant) for all of you yanks and another one at Newport’s York Street Café (with G.

Burton and 500 Miles to Memphis) next Friday, July 3, for the rest of you Dixie guys and gals. Now that the North and South are unified once again, Ohioans and Kentuckians alike are free to traverse I-75 for either or both sets, of course.

The two certainly make a pretty pair — both in pictures and on record. They have a flair for more traditional Americana/Country arrangements, with songs featuring boy/girl harmonies, gently strummed guitars and lyrics about Jesus and loneliness. And while their collaborative songs are a bit more restrained than the more supercharged approach of Malott and Thomas’ main groups, the CD — a full-band affair featuring local players like Dave Rhodes Brown and Amos Hopkins — is not too far a departure from the source for these two finely honed AltCountry practitioners.

The Friday show at the Tavern is free and starts at 9 p.m. The York Street show on July 3 is $5 and also starts at 9 p.m. (myspace.com/ryanmalottandkellythomas)

A Kiss from Some Old Flames

Behold! Another Cincinnati supergroup has assembled and is ready to unleash its first creative sputterings upon your eyes and ears. The Subway Lounge (608 Walnut St.) is the nexus of genesis for The Kiss Me Everlasting, whose debut show, a free one, starts at 11 p.m. Friday night. The band counts Ali Edwards (Ruby Vileos), Dan McCabe (Roundhead), Dave Morrison (Ass Ponys) and Max Bender (Thee Shams) among its ranks, so The Kiss Me could sound a little like all of those bands, or nothing like any of ‘em. (myspace.com/thekissmeeverlasting)

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