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Patently Untrue

By Readers · June 17th, 2009 · Letters

Patently Untrue
Regarding Ric Hickey’s recent music story about Duppy A’Jumba (“Easy Skanking,” issue of May 20), as thrilled as I was to see Duppy get the great ink that they deserve, as the owner of the Crazy Fox Saloon I must take exception to the author’s characterization of my tavern’s neighborhood, staff and service.

Hickey starts by referring to our east Newport neighborhood as something that “sniffs, itches and coughs like a brick-and-mortar junky.” WTF?!? Is this the author’s first time across the river?

Newport’s East Row is a wonderful community studded with beautifully restored homes and is a great place to run a small business. Greater Cincinnati might have its share of hard-luck neighborhoods, but the east side of Newport is most definitely not one of them.

Duppy A’Jumba has played at the Crazy Fox a number of times, and we can always count on them to draw a fun, high-energy crowd. Now this definitely pushes our cozy neighborhood bar to its limits, but to say, as Hickey did, that the bar was “understaffed” is patently untrue.

There were three people working behind a 10-foot-long bar, two making drinks and one washing glassware.

I spent the night running the rest of the house, gathering up empties and cleaning ashtrays. There would have been nowhere to put more employees.

In fact, when discussing Hickey’s article with one of the bartenders who worked that night, he said he tried to get the writer’s attention on a number of occasions to get his drink order but with no success, so he moved on to serve other patrons. Perhaps Hickey was too busy planning his plundering of the free condom box, since he seems so happy to have made off with a lifetime supply.

Finally, guys take note: If you refer to young women as “chicks,” your overflowing pockets of condoms are probably not going to get used. Ever. — Terry L. Bond Jr. Crazy Fox Saloon, Newport

Come on Back
I enjoyed Joe Wessels’ super commentary in his column “Back to the City” (issue of May 27). I’m looking forward to his return to Over-the-Rhine or somewhere downtown.

Now if we only had a few other positive media voices extolling the virtues of urban living — or at least not scaring the dickens out of folks — we would pick up more momentum. Keep it up. — Neil Bortz, Mount Adams

Leis Is Crazy for Power!
Simon Leis has always been a power monger dating back to his early days in the Hamilton County Courthouse as County Prosecutor. His biased, self-serving, ultraconservative way then ruined the tourist and convention business for the downtown area. As he has progressed through the levels of county government, he has become power crazed!

It’s my understanding that he has two helicopters at the Sheriff’s Office. If he feels he has such an eminent need for a party boat — I’m sorry, patrol boat — to increase the security of Hamilton County, then sell one of the choppers. He can only ride in one at a time!

If you really want to protect Hamilron County, Sheriff Leis, request the money to reinstate some of the patrol deputies you have been forced to let go. They protect the townships and county from crime. — Vyper (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to June 3 Porkopolis column “Sheriff Goes Overboard Again”)



06.24.2009 at 11:51 Reply
Crazy Fox is a very nice place. Jukebox mix is eclectic and during the week, a quiet place to visit with friends and the folks who work there.


06.27.2009 at 08:40 Reply
Hickey's description of the Crazy Fox and the surrounding neighborhood is completely false - his writing is equally painful to read. The Crazy Fox is one of the best establishments in the Tri-State area; I used to play with the Benedict Arnolds in Duppy and every time we had a show at the Fox the staff was unbelievable. Hickey is a drama queen and a depraved human being. That's his thing. Of course, I hold a bit of a grudge against him and his antics. The rat bastard swine got me kicked out of Duppy -the band I loved, gave everything to and, along with the since departed bass player, put them in the position they are in now. The article is terrible - if it weren't for two band members that are no longer with Duppy, Jay would be sitting at home doing nothing, failing at life, believing he is some sort of punk rock revolutionary. To say he lacks talent would be unfair since he can put chords together in a certain semi-rational sequence (wow!) but he can't sing and his "song writing ability" is nonexistent, since these sequences of chords were ultimately crafted into good music by others not named Jay Duckworth.


07.10.2009 at 10:55 Reply
Regaurding the response, ' leis crazy for power'. Not all of us are as rabid as the poster above about the man. Sure, Leis has strong opinions and tactic's, but frankly Cincinnati needs them. A marshmallow sheriff certainly isnt going to cut It around here !! Two helicopters are too much ?? I disagree. What, cant have a bank robbing fugitive being tracked and a escaped convict at the same time..??? The same applies with the boat. Gee, I bet we just may need waterway access at some point., think ?? Good to know Its there If we need It. I feel safer. ' Ultraconservative ', thank God yes !!! Yes !!!!! And the tourist busines has ruined Itself, who wants to get shot while visiting ??? And what is there to see here in Cincy anyway ??? Made even more difficult in trying to provide the nesscessary police presence needed downtown and tough neighborhoods to keep a grip on crime, with out the manpower to do It ?? We should have given him his jail !!! Sorry Bud, but I gotta wave my flag for Leis !!!!