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Art: Tribute to Merce Cunningham at the Carl Solway Gallery

By Julie Mullins · June 11th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

There’s much to say about legendary modern dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham, but above all, he’s a well-rounded, thoroughly modern guy. The Carl Solway Gallery is hosting A Tribute to Merce Cunningham in His 90th Year, a smallish but worthy assembly of Cunningham’s drawings, photos of the artist and in-depth documentaries shown on flat screens.

When one thinks of Cunningham, one doesn’t immediately regard him as a “visual artist,” despite dance itself being a visual form.

A renegade from early on, he’s best known for breaking away from traditional expectations to develop more flexible ideas about dance and for incorporating the use of chance.

This exhibit underscores how Cunningham’s life’s work has succeeded in its mission and come full-circle. Interestingly, the audiences at his early performances were comprised of more painters and sculptors than musicians and dancers.

The exhibit is on view through Aug. 15.

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